Tissue Linen Silk Saree



At Tissue Linen Silk Saree proud to offer our discerning customers unique, premium products. We have recently designed a saree that is both elegant and one-of-a-kind.

This saree is a work of art that honours the rich textile traditions of India. It is made from 100% pure Tissue linen silk and features Banarasi weaving. A sumptuous and cosy drape that exudes grace and style is provided by the pure Tissue linen silk. Our saree is a monument to the timeless elegance of natural textiles in a world where synthetic materials rule.

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Care instruction:

Only Dry Clean: Go with professional dry cleaning to protect the saree’s rich fabric and elaborate decorations.
Grasp gently: Keep the delicate Tissue linen silk and embroidery work safe from rough treatment and contact with sharp objects.
Hold Individually: Separately store the saree from other clothing to avoid colour transfer.
Keep out of the Sun: The saree should be stored out of the direct sunlight to prevent fading from prolonged exposure.
To retain the sheen of the fabric and the integrity of the intricate work, iron gently at a low temperature.

Our 100% pure Tissue Linen Silk Saree Banarasi weaving saree, embellished with zardozi, gotapatti, anchor and pearl, and sequins, stands out as a beacon of authenticity and quality in a market flooded with mass-produced synthetic fabrics. It represents our steadfast dedication to providing our cherished clients with unique, premium products. Transform your look with a piece that honours the timeless beauty of complex craftsmanship and natural textiles while eschewing current trends.



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