Pure Gajji Silk Saree


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Step into the realm of luxury with our Pure Gajji Silk Saree ensemble, a celebration of opulence and intricate craftsmanship. This exquisite saree, paired with a heavy pure Silk blouse featuring elaborate back and front detailing along with sleeves, is a testament to timeless elegance.

The distinguishing feature of this ensemble is the splendid fusion of work adorning the saree. Fancy Gotta Patti, Diamond Work, and a Heavy Jaal come together in perfect harmony.  Each intricate detail reflects a story of artistry and dedication, making this ensemble a true work of wearable art.

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Care instruction

Dry Cleaning: If you choose to dry clean your Pure Gajji Silk, the fine fabric and elaborate decorations will stay intact, maintaining the piece’s unspoiled charm.

Gentle Handling: Take care not to snag or damage the beautiful silk and decorations of the saree by wearing it near sharp or uneven surfaces.

Storage: To prevent dust and preserve its freshness, store the outfit in a cool, dry location that is covered with a clean cloth.

Prevent sunshine: To avoid any possible fading of the colours, shield the saree from prolonged exposure to direct sunshine.

Periodic Airing: Spread out the saree every now and then to let it air out, which keeps it from becoming musty and keeps its beauty.

Rather than just being a piece of clothing, this Pure Gajji Silk Saree. Savour the depth of this ensemble, spruce up your look, and make an impression. Choose from our Pure Gajji Silk collection for an exquisite and timeless fashion statement. Opt for grace and custom.





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