Pure Gajji Silk Saree



Introducing our gorgeous saree, a magnificent blend of tradition and artistry. It is a celebration of classic elegance, made from 100% pure Gajji silk and embellished with handcrafted bandhani work. Completing the ensemble is the matching blouse, which is also made of pure Gajji silk. The eye-catching red and rani colour combination of this set highlights the vivid beauty of Indian culture.

Original Gajji Silk Saree:

We craft the saree from pure Gajji silk, celebrated for its silky feel and natural lustre. The elaborate hand-made bandhani work looks great on this fabric, which is the ideal canvas.

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Care instruction:

Gently Hand Wash: Use cold water and a light detergent when hand washing to maintain the integrity of the handcrafted bandhani work and Gajji silk.

Avoid Sunlight: To stop colour fading, store the ensemble out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location.

Handle with Care: To avoid damaging the delicate hand-made bandhani work, handle it gently.

Iron with Caution: To preserve the sheen of the fabric and the hand-made bandhani design, use a low-heat iron sandwiched between cotton cloths.

Professional Dry Cleaning Suggested: It is strongly advised to use professional dry cleaning for optimal care and set longevity.

With our exquisite hand-made bandhani work and pure Gajji silk saree and blouse set, you can up your ethnic style game. You are sure to turn heads at any event thanks to the eye-catching rani and red hues and the distinctive bandhani designs. When worn properly, this outfit becomes a treasured addition to your closet, ready to showcase the exquisite craftsmanship and traditions of India.



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