शिकारगाह I Shikargah



It’s an exclusive edition of Handwoven Pure kadhuwa alfi shikargah silk saree.

What is the history of Shikargah?

Shikargah is not a weave, but rather a term for a group of designs that depict a hunting scene on fabric. While it is difficult to put a date on when shikargah started being woven on Benarasi saris, I believe they pre-date the British Raj. We see hunting inspirations in various arts and crafts of India during and even before the Mughal and Sultanate periods.

Payment & Delivery Details: This piece is ready to ship. It will take around approximately 1 – 3 weeks to reach after the order is placed. We make a limited number of pieces for each design and nothing is produced in bulk.

For more queries ,directly message us using “Message” tab or contact us on https://wa.me/917350339214

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