Mul Chanderi Kalidar Suit



With our Pure Mul Chanderi Kalidar Suit Set, welcome to the world of beauty and charm! It is carefully embellished with magnificent mukaish work, exuding elegance and sophistication. Prepare to fascinate observers as you wear this timeless design that flawlessly blends tradition and modern trend.

Our artisans meticulously produced this Kalidar Suit Set, exuding a majestic air that leaves a lasting impact at any event. The pure Mul Chanderi fabric is smooth and velvety, and it drapes elegantly, lending an ethereal touch to your presence. The complex mukaish work exemplifies the brilliance of professional craftsmanship, elevating this outfit to the status of true masterpiece.

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Care instruction of Mul Chanderi Kalidar Suit

Care Instructions:
– Dry clean or hand wash delicately.
– Handle with care to preserve mukaish work.
– Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
– Avoid rough surfaces to prevent snags.
– If semi-stitched, alter with care for a perfect fit. Timeless elegance and mukaish brilliance await!

Enter the enchanted realm of our Kalidar Suit Set and exude confidence at weddings, festive parties, or any special occasion. Its timeless beauty shines out with understated elegance, allowing your individual style to emerge. With the semi-stitched option, you may tailor the fit to perfection, adding a personal touch to this gorgeous costume. Accept the allure and make every moment unforgettable!


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