Mul Chanderi Fabric Kurta



We cordially invite you to peruse our magnificent assortment of pure Mul Chanderi Fabric Kurta dupatta sets, where elegance and craftsmanship combine to create a spellbinding experience.

Our expert artisans precisely design and manufacture each outfit, ensuring it complements your unique style and personality. The delicacy of traditional craftsmanship is emphasized in every meticulously crafted detail. The rich Mul Chanderi fabric drapes gracefully, lending the wearer regal elegance and opulence.

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Care instruction of Mul Chanderi Fabric Kurta

  1. For gentle cleaning, opt for dry cleaning to safeguard the delicate embellishments and fabric.
  2. To preserve the ensemble’s beauty, follow these care instructions diligently.
  3. Store it in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight.
  4. Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach during washing. Iron on the reverse side using low heat to protect the decorations.
  5. Handle it with utmost care to avoid snagging or damaging the intricate work.

Welcome to our collection, where skilled artisans infuse passion and precision into every detail, celebrating the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. The luxurious Mul Chanderi fabric drapes gracefully, bestowing a regal charm and opulence upon the wearer. Each piece is adorned with delicate pearl, sequin, and katdana work, transforming it into a true masterpiece that infuses your ensemble with a captivating allure, sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.


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