In the world of fast fashion and day-old trends, sustainability might not be the first choice, but it definitely is the perfect antidote. Following fashion fads is effortless, but conscious shopping might be exhausting. Contemporary is everywhere, but opting for traditional in modern times is audacious. And with this audacity and courage, it was Sweety who went on the journey at building a sustainable brand of self-discovery and an artistic journey, which she feels is an honour to share. She believes empowering the community of artisans associated with us is fundamental to our core values. Their livelihood to a certain extent depends on us. Our artisans work painstakingly to acquire, weave, embroider our luxury pieces; hence we too work hard to promote this shared sense of partnership.We empower artisans to make these products and sell them to us directly. This makes them owners of their business. Today, enwrape.com is involved with more than 30 artisan families and has helped them to stabilize their lives. Though trust-building and credibility assume high importance, there’s much more it takes to establish a brand. The journey was replete with hurdles. But Sweety’s determination, passion, and her family’s support pushed her to face the biggest challenge of her life. Shop our collection and you’ll find our commitment to individuality and style reflected in each piece.